I spoke too soon

Moments after I wrote my Sydrified article…

Chrisangelo: Dude. You just reminded me of the bet.

I shouldn’t be putting things on the internet.

Chrisangelo: NOW WRITE!

He's like Flea... but with actual flea. Maybe I shouldn’t be putting things that Chris COULD SEE ON THE INTERNET!

The Sydman: What are you talking about par… shiiiiiit.
Chrisangelo: The bet! 15 articles dude! Get it going! I want one about the champions!

Why can’t Boston win?

Chrisangelo: Then about Kobe!

I’ve been good.

Chrisangelo: Then about Gasol!

I restrained myself when I needed to write something evil.

Chrisangelo: Then about Fish!


Chrisangelo: Then about Artest!


Chrisangelo: Then about Phil!


Chrisangelo: Yan lang.


The Sydman: Sigh. Yes Master.

Game over.

Chrisangelo: HAHAHAHAH!!! BOW DOWNNZZZ!!!!


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