The 500th Entry

I moved my blog from my Multiply site to my "pet" blog, Sydrified because I wanted a fresh start.

I also wanted to access my blogsite in the comfort of my office (admin blocked Multiply).

So much for excuses…

I remember when I wore man-necklace and man-bracelets. I had that off when most of my “body decors” were destroyed by wear and tear (most of them bounced off my wrists and into the basketball court when I had a tantrum about some bitched up ref’s wrong call).

Then I had that phase when I dreaded going to Starbucks because the establishment oversells coffee by a wallet-draining margin. I had that out of my system when I found out things could happen during coffee talks.

And then there’s this.

The first entry I had in my site was THIS.

Notice that I have yet to censor stuffs then?

This is a story about how Jorge met my GF… via Friendster (this was some sort of social networking site from the early 2000's

How convenient that I am re-introducing this entry as my 500th one?

Well, it’s kind of appropriate because it’s our 21-month anniversary.

How time flies!

And you know what…



Game over!

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July 9, 2010 at 1:17 AM comment-delete

that's sweet and all..but i need my marian fix.

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