Christmas Raffles Hate Me

You call them friends? I call them competitions... during Christmas raffles! 

I just can’t buy a break!


Somewhere in the universe, there is this... “thing” bound to shut down my chances of claiming something!

I will settle for anything – a washing machine, an iPod, an iron, a gas stove...

Hell, I’ll settle for a 500Php gift certificate!



I had two chances of winning, one in our network-wide Christmas party and one at our COOP Christmas party. I failed both chances! My parents are trash talking me that while they win in every Christmas raffle with their names on it, I fail in comparison!

Then Cindy told me that she has basically no luck in raffles and if I want to win in Christmas raffles, then I need to break up with her.

Yeah... that’s rational.

I want to break up with you because I want to win a microwave oven at the next Christmas party!

That’s just stupid.

But hey, the last time I won at a raffle, Cindy did too. It was during the Family Day that was held in Enchanted Kingdom more than two years ago. I won a measly 1000Php and she did win the same amount as well.

The problem is, that was the day where she “basted” me.


I’d rather lose a bunch of raffles than to lose her... but for some insane reason...

Maybe I can defy fate and win the big grand raffle something?

Anyway, what type of “pektus” or strategy should I do to avoid this predicament?

Should I try ripping the paper lightly or perhaps apply rugby on its tips? Should I bend the paper to give it a unique feel for the random picker to pick?   

Perhaps I need to scout what type of tambyolo will be used and how it would rotate?

Game over.

2 Awesome Critics:

I never win neither! HAHAH MERRY CHRISTMAS anyway :)

December 27, 2010 at 12:09 PM comment-delete

^ wouldn't it be awesome if next year I win something awesome? hehe!

December 27, 2010 at 2:08 PM comment-delete

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