My blackmailing cousin's bravery

What if they are talking about me behind my back!?!

My cousin from Cagayan de Oro is named Cindy.

She’s going to study in Manila (accountancy) and she’s blackmailing me to treat her to Starbucks every Friday upon her arrival or else she’ll give a world of hurt. She can do that actually. I remember her when I was young and she’ll bite me for no apparent reason. I WAS NOT LIKE THAT GROWING UP! I told her that aside from being cheap, there is no way that I’ll treat her.

All of a sudden, she messaged my girlfriend and she’s telling on me.  

My girlfriend is also named Cindy.

Cindy barely looks at her Facebook page. She has less than ten friend requests, a ton of game requests, and updates she needs to look at. After her work (as of this month, it ends at around 12 midnight), we often go to random coffee shops and I’ll tell her how my day went and vice versa. When there is an electrical socket near us, I plug my laptop so we can buy expensive coffee and browse on a bunch of stuffs.

As she looks at her Facebook, she sees an unfamiliar face with a very familiar name.

When I saw my cousin, I said to her to click it because I want to know what the message is all about.

I told my mom about Cindy messaging to Cindy and my mom exclaims that cousin Cindy is truly her niece because she had the balls to ask a stranger as if she knows her already!

While she gave me no choice but to fulfil her coffee treat on “certain” occasions (as per my mom), I must find a way to seek my revenge on Cousin Cindy...

For example...




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