Paraabnormal: "The Ghostly Sex Tape"

Really funny webshow! 

I was checking out the Funny or Die when I stumbled on this.

Welcome to the Paraabnormal. This is a mockumentary that chronicles a bunch of goofs and their attempts to interact with the paranormal. The group has a leader, a psychic, a spiritual adviser, an exorcist, and a roadie who is sceptical at the whole ghost theme.

This is their first episode and the gang is checking out the house of a woman. The woman has a sex tape online and while checking it out, the leader Ken Livingston notices a spirit lurking as if it was spying on them.

Sounds eerie?

Sounds kinky?

Check it out.

We see their headquarters. The team is being briefed of the case.

They got to the house and checked the house for paranormal activities.

The demon seems to take the form of the client’s husband.

The psychic and the ghost communicate.

Christmas came early for a Santa Claus lover.

This is the time to exorcise the case of the ghostly sex tape.

If you enjoyed the series, you have to check it out at the Funny or Die website.

I found the webseries good. Although the characters need to grow (this is like when Scooby Doo meets The Office) it is still enjoyable. The character that I like the most here is the psychic. They need to add oomph to the characters and hopefully the succeeding episodes will give us just that.

Game over.

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