UAAP SEASON 74 - Power Rankings (Start to August 10, 2011)

Bobby Ray Parks finding the basket against Alex Nuyles. 

The performances of the players from two weeks back all took a toll. Except for some players like Kiefer Ravena, most of them staggered after a month of action. Gone from the list are Kirk Long, Mike Gamboa, and Kevin Ferrer, leaving three new players to solidify the rankings. Cited as reasons are failure to sustain momentum, burnout, getting checked, and people eager to take away their slots!

So who exactly made this individual stat list and who dropped out? 

Game starts now.


Two Weeks Ago: New Entry
Reason of Rank Then: NOT AVAILABLE
Reason of Rank Now: 10.2PPG – 1.8RPG – 3.2APG – 1.0SPG
Don’t let his standing fool you. Even if he’s near the gutter, he is pretty much the guiding light of the Adamson offense.

Two Weeks Ago: New Entry
Reason of Rank Then: NOT AVAILABLE
Reason of Rank Now: 4.5PPG – 6.3RPG – 2.5BPG
The guy is crazy when it comes to defense. His blocking percentage currently ranks second in the league.

Two Weeks Ago: 13 (Down 5 places)
Reason of Rank Then: 15.7PPG – 4.0RPG – 2.3APG – 1.0SPG
Reason of Rank Now: 13.3PPG – 3.8RPG – 1.8APG – 0.8SPG
See now I know who this guy is. A season ago he was averaging just 1.1ppg and 1.0rpg. Now look at him. However after one great game he failed to sustain his stats against UST thus the drop.

Two Weeks Ago: 15 (Down 2 places)
Reason of Rank Then: 12.3PPG – 4.0RPG – 3.0APG – 1.3SPG
Reason of Rank Now: 13.2PPG – 3.3RPG – 2.0APG – 0.7SPG
Teng will always have his scoring. However, he delivers best when he gives out an all-around performance.

Two Weeks Ago: 20 (Up 4 places)
Reason of Rank Then: 12.0PPG – 6.5RPG – 1.3APG
Reason of Rank Now: 11.7PPG – 5.7RPG – 1.6APG
He is Ateneo’s third leading scorer and second leading rebounder. Ateneo wouldn’t enjoy their current success if not for this guy.

Two Weeks Ago: 18 (Up 3 places)
Reason of Rank Then: 15.0PPG – 3.3RPG – 1.8APG
Reason of Rank Now: 14.5PPG – 3.7RPG – 2.3APG
His scoring took a slight dive in this ranking but his all-around game continues to improve leaps and bounds. He ranks in the league’s Top 10 in scoring.

Two Weeks Ago: 8 (Down 6 places)
Reason of Rank Then: 8.0PPG – 4.8RPG – 4.3APG – 1.8SPG
Reason of Rank Now: 7.1PPG – 3.6RPG – 4.3APG – 1.7SPG
Most of his stats dipped thus his 6-rank drop. Monfort is not as par with most of the PG’s in the league skills-wise but in terms of basketball IQ, he stands out.

Two Weeks Ago: 17 (Up 4 places)
Reason of Rank Then: 11.5PPG – 6.8RPG – 1.0APG
Reason of Rank Now: 11.7PPG – 7.5RPG – 0.7APG
Camson improved on his rebounding which for some insane reason is one of Adamson’s problems. He also helps the Falcons in the scoring department.

Two Weeks Ago: New Entry
Reason of Rank Then: NOT AVAILABLE
Reason of Rank Now: 10.1PPG – 7.0RPG – 0.9SPG – 2.1BPG
What a high debut for a player that struggled to find his place in the team this season. He gave way for Bobby Ray but we all know that basketball is a team sport.

Two Weeks Ago: 12 (Up 1 place)
Reason of Rank Then: 9.3PPG – 7.3RPG – 1.3APG – 1.3BPG
Reason of Rank Now: 7.2PPG – 9.5RPG – 0.8APG – 0.7SPG – 1.7BPG
His stats dipped in the scoring department but vastly improved on the rebounding side. Like I said, Abdul is just what the doctor ordered to cure UST’s frontline deficiency.

It's really, REALLY hard to say that Kiefer Ravena and Greg Slaughter are rookies.
With the way they are playing, it's as if they are vets in Norman Black's system! 


Two Weeks Ago: 9 (Down 1 place)
Reason of Rank Then: 16.3PPG – 3.3RPG – 2.8APG
Reason of Rank Now: 15.1PPG – 3.6RPG – 2.6APG – 0.9SPG
Last year’s MVP is struggling to find his sweet spot this year but I doubt if this will stop him from leading the Tamaraws back to the finals. He is still one of the league’s leading scorers and when he finds a way to further instill fear on his opponents, shooting guards of all walks must fear him.

Two Weeks Ago: 6 (Down 3 places)
Reason of Rank Then: 7.3PPG – 8.7RPG – 1.0SPG – 2.3BPG
Reason of Rank Now: 8.3PPG – 7.8RPG – 0.7SPG – 2.7BPG
I saw this guy play in UP’s loss against UST. He’s a bit gangly but has that awkward but effective hook shot. His most important arsenal is his inside presence though. His scoring has improved and his 2.7bpg is league-leading.

Two Weeks Ago: 5 (Down 3 places)
Reason of Rank Then: 12.0PPG – 4.0RPG – 3.3APG – 1.7SPG – 1.7BPG
Reason of Rank Now: 11.3PPG – 5.2RPG – 3.3APG – 1.3SPG – 1.0BPG
He should be the team’s focal point. He delivers in most of the stats but his scoring needs to improve fast! The last thing the Fighting Maroons need this moment is their top player playing like a supplement. It’s an exciting future for the Maroons especially when he further blossoms.

Two Weeks Ago: 11 (Up 4 places)
Reason of Rank Then: 7.0PPG – 7.0RPG – 1.0APG – 1.7SPG – 1.0BPG
Reason of Rank Now: 7.0PPG – 8.5RPG – 1.5APG – 1.0SPG – 1.8BPG
In some ways, he has to score. He will... when needed but until then, he gives out the plus points in a lot of aspects. What we are seeing right now is a mature version of Camus’ gameplay. He doesn’t score much but he does the dirty work when the situation arises.

Two Weeks Ago: 3 (Down 3 places)
Reason of Rank Then: 14.3PPG – 4.3RPG – 4.7APG – 1.7SPG
Reason of Rank Now: 15.5PPG – 4.8RPG – 3.3APG – 1.2SPG
I was surprised myself that Fortuna dropped from the Top 5 because I think he’s having an incredible season. His statline is something not to frown on. His game reminds me of LA Tenorio when he was still with the Ateneo Blue Eagles. Hopefully he does enough to tow the Tigers to the Finals.

Two Weeks Ago: 10 (Up 5 places)
Reason of Rank Then: 12.5PPG – 4.3RPG – 2.5APG – 1.5SPG
Reason of Rank Now: 14.6PPG – 4.9RPG – 3.1APG – 1.7SPG
He is the biggest stat riser in this edition because he seriously stepped up in their games. Imagine if he had the body of Bobby Ray Parks? With that body and his skills combined with a very, very high basketball IQ will make him a tad less of a robot! Sure, people can argue that he also has Slaughter in his side but it’s hard to not care about what he brings in the table.

Two Weeks Ago: 1 (Down 3 places)
Reason of Rank Then: 17.0PPG – 5.5RPG – 3.8APG – 3.0SPG
Reason of Rank Now: 13.3PPG – 4.8RPG – 3.2APG – 2.2SPG
Revilla failed to sustain his super stats in this edition which is why his name dropped three places. Still you can’t deny how much La Salle is a better team now with his insertion. Now DLSU has a go-to-guy that is not afraid to have the ball in the waning seconds. Now if only he can get the support from his teammates.

Two Weeks Ago: 7 (Up 4 places)
Reason of Rank Then: 11.3PPG – 8.0RPG – 1.0APG – 1.0SPG
Reason of Rank Now: 10.4PPG – 9.9RPG – 1.1APG – 0.7SPG – 1.3BPG
There is something not right about Ramos’ game now. The scoring opportunities are there despite having Cris Tolomia, JR Cawaling, Terrence Romeo, and Chris Exciminiano in the roster but he settling more on jumpers than inside points. His stats are exceptional and all but maybe I’m hoping for more from the Smart-Gilas mainstay. I guess because of his frame he wants to change his game in preparation of the small forward position waiting for him in the PBA.

Two Weeks Ago: 4 (Up 2 places)
Reason of Rank Then: 15.8PPG – 7.8RPG – 1.8APG – 2.0BPG
Reason of Rank Now: 14.0PPG – 8.9RPG – 1.1APG – 2.1BPG
His scoring dropped but I guess you can blame Kiefer Ravena for this. Also, people need to blame Norman Black’s yearning to get more points from his bench. With these factors hurled, Slaughter is looking for ways to help the team – and because he’s dominant, he is doing his share of the load by swatting shots and claiming caroms. Problem is, when Ateneo has decisively beaten a foe, Black would opt to rest his starters and send in his shock troopers. At least he’s stats are down because he’s NOT struggling.  

Two Weeks Ago: 2 (Up 1 place)
Reason of Rank Then: 18.0PPG – 6.8RPG – 2.2APG – 1.6SPG – 1.4BPG
Reason of Rank Now: 17.1PPG – 6.3RPG – 1.9APG – 1.4SPG – 1.1BPG
At first Parks was dominant. I mean having that size and playing with that intensity could instill fear on a random defender. However except for a couple of wins (one of their wins came from Adamson), NU is far from threatening because they are giving the ball exclusively to Parks. After a bunch of scoring wows, Parks is now struggling because teams now know how to defend against him. This is why all of a sudden Emmanuel Mbe and Lee Villamor became important. Problem is aside from Parks and Mbe, there is no one averaging more than seven points for the squad. Parks is a do-it-all player but certainly he can’t do it all for NU.

With a month removed from UAAP 74, it’s certain that the more players you have doing well, the better the chances of them going to the Final Four.

By the way, kudos to the UE Red Warriors for claiming a W against the humbled NU Bulldogs! The team is hurt because Paul Lee and Ken Acibar decided to pursue the PBA early. Paul Zamar is the team’s scoring leader and I think he needs to give a great individual performance considering that he wants to continue his basketball career in the PBA. The Warriors aren’t heavy in the frontcourt and they need a major program to claim foreign-bred players and top transferees from the South or alongside U-Belt.

Hey, I’m betting that there are a lot of flunking hoop stars from the other big schools eager to see action in the UAAP. Maybe there’s a chance to make them see and wear red. I can say they can stress their problems by bringing in rookies but unless they claim Jeron Teng, I doubt if this could lift them from the abyss they are in at the moment.   

Game over.

(photo credit goes to the UAAP website)  

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